Items needed to prepare for Shipping:

  • Box(es): need to be sturdy enough to hold the number of shoes being shipped.   Total weight of box CANNOT exceed 50 lbs.
  • Rubber bands to pair shoes
  • Individual Donor Form – (click link) Print Here - Donor Form
  • FREE!!! Zappos Prepaid Shipping label (download instructions below)
  • Packing Tape


Packing the Box

  1. Match, pair, rubber band, or tie the shoelaces together for all shoes being donated. If you have any single shoes, pair them together with other single shoes to create a mismatched pair.  (Make sure you count the number of pairs you collect for the donation form.)
  2. Use any box to pack your used or new shoes. Do not over pack the box as the BOX MUST WEIGH UNDER 50LBS
  3. Complete the online (click link) Digital Donor Form ***This ensures that every donation is counted towards The LifeHelpers goal.   It also helps you track your shoe totals.
  4. Print & fill out the Individual Donor Form – this form needs to be filled out completely and put in EVERY box! (click link) Print Here - Donor Form
  5. Donors visit Zappos for printing shipping label (click link) Zappos Free Shipping Label(s)
  6. Create an account or Log in with your or and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  7. Print your special prepaid shipping label or have it emailed to your email address associated with your account (Donors cannot photocopy shipping label; must get authentic label each time (you can literally get as many as you want but they CANNOT be photocopied)
  8. You will receive a notification asking “would you like another shipping label?”

          ***You may click YES as many times as you wish as long as every single box is under 50lbs!

  1. Attach the label, tape up your box(es) and drop off your box at any UPS Store and ship shoes to Soles4Souls!




  • Donors CANNOT ship boxes over 50lbs
  • Donors CANNOT REQUEST A PICKUP and must drop off to a local shipper
  • Donors CANNOT ship palletized donations
  • Donors CANNOT ship outside of the US


For more information or assistance, please call The LifeHelpers at 703-539-2891.